Sunday, July 4, 2010

My JUNE 2010 Favorites

Alright, it's time to share my June 2010 favorite beauty products. i'm truly sorry about the delay, since i've been posting a video talking about this topic couple of dayz before. =_=

Anyways, let me just go ahead and show you the pictures.
First off, the NARS gentle creme cleanser. You guys know how much i love NARS skin line, since the NARS shares the same skin lab with Shiseido, I found that some NARS products are comparable to Cle de peau, which is the luxury line of Shiseido. To be very honest, Cle de peau products are not very affordable, therefore, NARS skin will be a good alternative.

The next fav will be this Lancome Nutrix Royal hand cream. I've been using more than 30 different kinds of hand creams. To me, an excellent hand cream has to be very moisturizing, easy to absorb, and also, smells good. This item satisfies all of the above, and becomes one of my top 3 hand creams ever!
Perfume! I got this Chanel Chance "twist and spray" trio last year as my birthday gift from a friend of mine. I just love love it! the bottle is so pinky and girly, and perfect to travel with.
MAC sculpting power in "Sculpt", my new love for contouring my face. The advantage is that it doesn't contain any orangey undertone like all the bronzers usually have.
MAC liquid eyeliner, I think a lot of you have already tried this product. Mine is in Bootblack.
Cle de peau, how elegant the packing is! I love every single thing from this brand. My mom, who is the one told me about this brand first, she has the best silky skin in the world. And she hearts the Cle de peau skin care so much. this extra silky lipstick is a 2-in-1 product, which can be used as lipstick as well as lip gloss. the number is #126, such a nice Barbie pink color. Although it is pretty pricey, I still highly recommend everybody tries it!


  1. I'm looking for a new cleanser and getting more and more confused by a lot of different kinda brands and lines and so.
    Think I'm gonna try the NARS one as you recommended ^^~

  2. Wow, chanel things are really expensive! Your must be very rich!


  3. Invoince for the MAC flat 183 brush. To this email