Thursday, June 24, 2010

Haul Time:Sephora/MAC/Chanel/Shu Uemura

Whenever we have this kind of lovely sunny days, the best thing we should do is ----shopping! yes, we girls always have tons of reasons to go shopping, when we are happy, when we are upset, when we are angry... kekekeke, guys will never understand.

First thing first, MAC! whenever i step into the mall entrance, the first place i want to check out is MAC! yay! so i got this supppper pretty dazzleglass in "like venus", it's just a bubble gum pink with sparkles.
and then, mascaras! i really want to wear mascaras more. so this is "mascara X", i've never tried this one before, so let's see.

and zoom lash, everybody knows it! and i also got the hubby his fav- oil control lotion, i didn;t take a pic for that.
out from MAC, we went to Sephora. i only got two skin cares from the Sephora brand. first is this waterproof eye makeup remover. i will always always use those bi-phase eye makeup removers, cuz they can easily take falsies off, and also will not dry your sensitive eye area.
Another thing that i got from Sephora was this refreshing toner. my paper masks now have a new friend, lol!
Then i run to the Chanel counter, my fav ultra correction eye cream is almost done, i need a new one so badly! so there it is!
Last but not the least, Shu Uemura high performance cleansing oil, i got the huge bottle, which i believe can last me a long long time. since i really hate my DHC mild touch cleansing oil, i really hope this one can work better.
Alright, that's that! i really hope you guys enjoy, and have fun!

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Bathroom Tour (Requested)

Hi, girls, here are my bathroom tour pics in detail. Enjoy!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Anna Sui Princess Makeup Dresser

Oh, My, God! I got an Anna Sui Princess Makeup Dresser today!!!! I am super duper exciting. Although it's gonna be a marriage gift for my friend, still, we girls are always crazy for the lovely packaging, aren't we?

sorry I cannot do the swatches, cuz it's a gift; and also
me myself can hardly take good enough pictures to show its beauty, so i'll just post the web pics, and it's just soooo gorgeous!!!

It is very pricey, which was almost $180, but i feel it really worths it; since i have a bunch of anna sui vanity accessories, like the brush holders, the beauty trays, but they are not even comparable.