Friday, June 11, 2010

Anna Sui Princess Makeup Dresser

Oh, My, God! I got an Anna Sui Princess Makeup Dresser today!!!! I am super duper exciting. Although it's gonna be a marriage gift for my friend, still, we girls are always crazy for the lovely packaging, aren't we?

sorry I cannot do the swatches, cuz it's a gift; and also
me myself can hardly take good enough pictures to show its beauty, so i'll just post the web pics, and it's just soooo gorgeous!!!

It is very pricey, which was almost $180, but i feel it really worths it; since i have a bunch of anna sui vanity accessories, like the brush holders, the beauty trays, but they are not even comparable.


  1. I was wondering about the drawers in the vanity. Are you able to take the makeup tray part out when you're finished with the makeup and just have the empty drawer for random stuff? Or is it all sealed in there so it can't be used for anything else?
    Sorry if this question is hard to understand. It's hard to explain!! :)